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1834 TACTICAL is a company dedicated to providing tactical combative training that is practical, effective, and which has been proven repeatedly through incorporation in military, law enforcement, and security agency operations and protocol.

Our system of CQB and weapon use in tactical operations is a hybrid of the following:

  • Krav Maga-based hand to hand combatives.
  • Acknowledged best practice protocols as utilized in South African and European Special Operations units.
  • The incorporation of protocols designed for extreme close combat, such as the C.A.R. system (and similar systems for handgun use).
  • Real time feedback and innovation from our own law enforcement and security agency operators.

1834 Tactical is a partner organization with Elite Defence Academy International, South Africa’s largest and most reputable Krav Maga training organization. In addition we also provide training, logistical support, and training program formulation guidelines to EDA Weapons Division, the introductory-level weapons training division of EDA International.


We provide training to, and also provide on-the-ground operational support, to:

  • Police special operations units
  • Military units
  • Executive private security and close protection for international clients, which include multinational mining companies and the United Nations
  • Presidential security detail
  • High value asset tracking and recovery teams
  • Anti-hijack and anti-terror response units
  • Armed tactical medical assistance units

For contractual and security reasons, there are also certain areas of training and operational involvement which we may not divulge publicly.


Jacques Alberts is the founder, director, and Chief Instructor of 1834 Tactical.

1834 Jacques pic panelJacques has been involved with police and security service operations for more than 20 years, primarily in the roles of special reaction unit operations, and specialized crime operations, in roles which include combating drug syndicates, illegal gold trade, and human trafficking rings. 

He is a senior member of Elite Defence Academy International, is a certified Krav Maga instructor, and holds a ranking of Black Belt Level 5 within the EDA International system of Krav Maga. 

Jacques personally teaches and oversees each training course, adapting the course content and flow to the skill set and experience level of the participants. Depending on group size, he is occasionally assisted by 1-2 qualified co-instructors who exercise supervision and attend to course safety and training protocol.

Jacques is also a director of StratCon Risk, a strategic risk management group which provides discreet high-level event security, executive close protection, executive VIP personnel or asset-in-transit protection, and asset tracking and retrieval.

Jacques and his team are available for short or medium term assignment globally, by arrangement.

For more information about these services, or to discuss your requirements in confidentiality, please contact Jacques directly. 


Jacques Alberts is the official partner and South African representative for Bushi Tactics, the comprehensive tactical combat system headed up by Manrico Erriu, specializing in Krav Maga close quarter integrated combatives, close protection, and counter terror operations training.





1834 Tactical is represented in Namibia by Martin Gunther.

Martin pic 3Martin has been involved in Krav Maga, combatives, and law enforcement for more than a decade. He has had operational military experience as a member of the German army, as well as with NATO. Martin has also provided executive close protection to high profile clients, including multinational business figures and members of Middle Eastern royal families.

As a fully certified 1834 Tactical instructor and regional representative, Martin heads up operations and training for 1834 Tactical across Namibia.

Martin is also a Level 3 Black Belt within the Elite Defence Academy International Krav Maga system. 

For information on tactical courses, seminars, and representation, please contact Martin on the details below:

Email: 911gunther@gmail.com
Phone: +264 81 621 1962


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